What is a VA and Do You Need One?

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A virtual assistant, or VA, as they are commonly known are a way for businesses, especially small businesses, to work with someone that has expertise without hiring giant corporations to do things for them. It varies from VA to VA but niche is in (right?). So there are those that focus on administrative tasks, payroll and hr services, or social media and marketing. Some even take on a whole outsourcing department if an entrepreneur would rather focus on the creative. It’s not always easy, but someone’s gotta do it.

So how can a VA help you? It depends where you are on your entrepreneurial journey. Are you just starting out and looking for guidance? Are you five years in and looking for a stellar admin you can outsource your recruiting to? Or maybe you are ready to launch a new course or product and are looking to flex your awareness muscles and let the world know? There’s a VA just for you, so why not sit down and have a discovery call?

A VA may be just what you need.

Not convinced? Well here are some of the following reasons why someone might be inclined to consider a VA:


These are the folks in cafes, libraries, co-working spaces working from laptops all over the world. Some can get a lot done without a lot of assistance from others, the rest of us may not be so lucky. Once those emails start coming through, those requests for more content and courses, those media invites that require planning and coordination with the assistant of so and so. A VA can help with that. Project Manager could be another title or Executive Assistant.

You’re a startup

Startups are enigmatic and high energy ventures that require a lot of input to make things operate and run smoothly. What happens when the two working on an app becomes five or even ten. Not only are you looking for content but you’re also looking for management and outsourcing capabilities that will keep you lean. Maybe it’s working on a short-term project, creating marketable and presentable material to showcase the project in its greatest light. It could also be internal. Ever wondered where those memos, internal training and development manuals, recruiting and hiring best practices or even diversity and inclusion initiatives came from? Now you don’t have to.

You’re an established small business

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. Most small business are inundated with them and are always playing catch-up. A VA can help to streamline processes, work with data input, and even strategize the best options to work with in order to maintain ahead of the curve. Don’t let the small in your business keep you from being agile and adaptable as any of the big guys. Sometimes we need a little help in order to work through the process.

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Still unsure of what to do?

Let’s talk about it!


Or just give us a shout out and we’ll set something up as soon as we can.


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